Construction sites lose up to $1 Billion per year due to theft, with less than 20% recovered.

Nearly 20% of sites experience weekly vandalism, and 50% are vandalized monthly.

Shoplifters steal more than $35 million per day, or nearly $13 billion per year.

1 in 11 customers will shoplift, yet only 1 in 48 shoplifters are caught.

Employees steal up to $50 billion every year, accounting for a third of all bankruptcies.

75% of employees have stolen from their employer at least once, and only 2% are caught.

65,000 U.S. businesses experience a robbery each year. Are you prepared and protected?

Protect your employees, customers, and business by partnering with us today.

500,000 U.S. businesses are burglarized each year, usually during the night.

Will your employee pick up that 2AM call or sleep through it? What happens if there is a burglar? Are you comfortable with your employee responding alone?

Many police departments don’t prioritize answering an alarm call.

Nearly 95% of alarms are false. Relax knowing that we will respond for you.

44% of teachers reported being physically attacked while at school within one year.

Between 2016 and 2018, medical centers experienced a 40% increase in violent crime.

Up to 85% of violent crime at medical centers is directed towards employees.

1 out of 7 Americans report that they do not feel safe at work.

1 in 5 HR professionals were unsure of what to do in workplace violence incidents.

Approximately 30% of employees feel ill equipped to deal with violence in the workplace.

Nearly 2 Million American workers report being victims of workplace violence each year.

In nearly half of active shooter incidents, police are unable to respond under 10 minutes.

Approximately 25% of companies are unprepared for active shooter incidents.

At Absolute Proactive Protection, we understand that our function is to add value to a business, not only through reducing risk, but also through the utilization of new technologies, making the option of having security more of a luxury than a so-called “necessary evil”.

Very few security professionals have had the opportunity to work both sides of a business. At APP we understand that our function is to ADD value to a business, not only through reducing risk, but also through the utilization of new technologies, making the option of having security more of a luxury than a so-called “necessary evil”. APP has certified training for all of its officers while incorporating a software system that allows for better accountability and communication of its officers to business leaders. APP invests in equipment to promote professionalism and respect while also continuing to invest in technology to bring more efficient services and products to our customers.

Our vision is to provide Absolute, Proactive Protection to all our business partners. We strive to completely redefine what the security industry does for business. Our mission is to bring value-added services to every client, regardless of size.

Treating our customers not as clients, but as business partners in support of their business.

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