A private security firm that puts your business first.

Absolute Proactive Protection, APP, is the result of the owner’s 20 years of experience in business management, operations, and security. This experience has illuminated not only the future of security design and advancement, but perhaps more importantly, how security relates to the success of a business and what business leaders truly want from their security providers. APP is committed to using this experience to advance common goals with local business leaders to create a partnership where security plays a vital role, but not a role that dominates a business leader’s day.

Very few security professionals have had the opportunity to work both sides of a business. At APP we understand that our function is to ADD value to a business, not only through reducing risk, but also through the utilization of new technologies, making the option of having security more of a luxury than a so-called “necessary evil”. APP has certified training for all of its officers while incorporating a software system that allows for better accountability and communication of its officers to business leaders. APP invests in equipment to promote professionalism and respect while also continuing to invest in technology to bring more efficient services and products to our customers.

Our vision is to provide Absolute, Proactive Protection to all our business partners. We strive to completely redefine what the security industry does for business. Our mission is to bring value added services to every client, regardless of size.

Treating our customers not as clients, but as business partners in support of THEIR business.