Absolute Proactive Protection is here to redefine the security industry.

Did the security officer ever show up last night? Were they on time? Were they doing their job or off sleeping somewhere? Are you still waiting for a handwritten report you have to decipher? Eliminate all of your worries by partnering with us today! At Absolute Proactive Protection we have invested in top-of-the-line software that allows you, the client, to see what the security officer is doing on your site via GPS tracking and mapping. You can also communicate to the officer directly, receive professional typed reports, photos, or videos of incidents you want to know about; instantly. All of this is included with any service we provide and can be customized to fit your needs.

Community Protection

Construction sites lose up to $1 Billion per year

Do you operate an apartment complex and want to provide increased safety and security to your tenants but don’t know where to start? Call A.P.P. and let us create a custom solution that addresses your concerns and brings value to your business. Everything from having a uniformed security officer on site to having regular patrols in a professional, marked security vehicle, we have the solution for you! Issues like graffiti and vandalism don’t project a good environment to live in and more serious issues like theft and burglaries are a major safety liability to you and your tenants. Even simple things such as enforcing noise ordinances can have a positive impact on your tenants. To increase your return on investment our team also identifies other safety issues such as broken locks, windows, and lights that are not functioning and combines that with real-time technology to keep you informed. We can even help neighborhoods! Also, take advantage of our mail, paper, and package holding services!

Loss Prevention & Employee Investigation

Shoplifters steal more than $35 Million per day & employee steal up to $50 Billion every year

Are you suffering from inventory losses that you cannot explain? Inventory shrink affects every company, harms your bottom line, and an seriously impact the profitability of your business. Shoplifting is bad, but employee dishonesty can be even worse. Using your own employees for loss prevention activities can increase risk while also taking away valuable payroll that may be used to better your business. With 20 years of experience let A.P.P. take on the challenge of preventing inventory shrink and protecting your bottom line!

Event Security

Have an event and want to make sure all of your guests have a great time? No matter how big or small the event, our team can handle everything from customer screening and ticket verification to enforcing venue regulations, preventing theft, and removing unruly guests. Focus on your event and let A.P.P. take care of the rest.

Alarm Response & Resolution

500,000 US businesses are burglarized each year and many police departments don’t prioritize alarm calls

Do you have a monitored alarm system in your residential or commercial site? What happens when that alarm goes off? Who does your alarm company call in the middle of the night to respond? Law enforcement is often times busy and unable to respond to alarm calls immediately. And do you really want to wake up in the middle of the night to drive to your business only to find out its a false alarm? Or worse yet, have one of your employees show up in the middle of the night during an actual burglary? Don’t put you or your employees at risk! Instead, have your existing alarm company call our team and let us take care of the rest. Rest assured we will have quick response times, will resolve the issue, and will provide a detailed report to you on our findings and actions.

Business Assistance Services & Risk Assessment

65,000 U.S. businesses experience a robbery each  year

Do you have specific security risks that you would like help addressing in your business. We can help with taking daily deposits to the bank saving you valuable payroll while eliminating safety risks to your employee. Not sure if your new employee locked up the building? We can quickly check to ensure your business is secured. Want to help make your employees feel safer arriving to work early in the morning or leaving late at night? We can provide safety and protection to your employees by having a security officer present for peace of mind. Not sure what risks you have? Call A.P.P. and we can conduct a business risk assessment to identify safety and security risks to your business allowing you to address those concerns and focus on your business mission.

Workplace Violence & Active Shooter

1 out of 7 Americans don’t feel safe, Approximately 30% of employees are ill equipped to deal with violence, and nearly half of active shooter incidents

It is unfortunate that workplace violence has been increasing in the recent years. This is a concern that must be addressed but many companies are not equipped to identify the risks or know how to prevent violence in the workplace. Our team is trained in addressing things such as high risk employee terminations, workplace harassment, and reducing exposure to an active shooter situation. Keep your employees safe, have a plan, and partner with A.P.P. to help mitigate workplace violence in your business today!

Hospital & Clinic Protection

Between 2016 an 2018 medical centers experienced a 40% increase in violent crime

Qualified professional security in a medical setting is a requirement in today’s world. Hospitals have many things they are responsible for so let A.P.P. take security off the list so you can focus on your mission of helping people. A.P.P. can provide everything from marked patrol vehicles, alarm response, and uniformed security officers to help protect buildings, valuable equipment, staff, and patients. Our team is trained in areas such as verbal de-escalation techniques, first aid, and CPR. Let our team take care of you, so you can take care of everyone else!

Robotics & Drones

At Absolute Proactive Protection we are committed to investing in technology to help you achieve your business goals. We are currently partnering with several different companies that provide autonomous data machines, or ADMs. These ADMs are often referred to as a robotic security officer! ADMs patrol inside or outside, 24/7, never need a sick day, and provide many levels of information from various cameras and sensors. These systems are not designed to eliminate the role of a security officer, but instead enhance the level of security protection. Everything from 360 degree video and audio, to license plate scanning with whitelist and blacklist capabilities, these self charging systems will not only help protect your business, but are quite a public relations success story! In addition to ADMs we are also working with several companies to identify autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle solutions for our clients. Otherwise known as drones, UAVs can be configured to be fully automated and patrol a preprogrammed route or even response to a specific event! UAVs can provide critical data using cameras, night vision, and FLIR heat imaging and can be configured to return to a base station, self charge, and then take off again all by itself. Ask us how ADMs or AUAVs can help you save time and money at your business!