Business Security

Loss Prevention & Employee Investigation

Shoplifters steal more than $35 Million per day & employee steal up to $50 Billion every year

Are you suffering from inventory losses that you cannot explain? Inventory shrink affects every company, harms your bottom line, and an seriously impact the profitability of your business. Shoplifting is bad, but employee dishonesty can be even worse. Using your own employees for loss prevention activities can increase risk while also taking away valuable payroll that may be used to better your business. With 20 years of experience let A.P.P. take on the challenge of preventing inventory shrink and protecting your bottom line!

Business Assistance Services & Risk Assessment

65,000 U.S. businesses experience a robbery each  year

Do you have specific security risks that you would like help addressing in your business. We can help with taking daily deposits to the bank saving you valuable payroll while eliminating safety risks to your employee. Not sure if your new employee locked up the building? We can quickly check to ensure your business is secured. Want to help make your employees feel safer arriving to work early in the morning or leaving late at night? We can provide safety and protection to your employees by having a security officer present for peace of mind. Not sure what risks you have? Call A.P.P. and we can conduct a business risk assessment to identify safety and security risks to your business allowing you to address those concerns and focus on your business mission.

Workplace Violence & Active Shooter

1 out of 7 Americans don’t feel safe, Approximately 30% of employees are ill equipped to deal with violence, and nearly half of active shooter incidents

It is unfortunate that workplace violence has been increasing in the recent years. This is a concern that must be addressed but many companies are not equipped to identify the risks or know how to prevent violence in the workplace. Our team is trained in addressing things such as high risk employee terminations, workplace harassment, and reducing exposure to an active shooter situation. Keep your employees safe, have a plan, and partner with A.P.P. to help mitigate workplace violence in your business today!